about LiquiChain


We are an EVM-based sustainable blockchain for communities, enabling fast transcations and evolutive smart contracts.


A sustainable blockchain for the people in the real world.

Some crypto projects have been extremely successful because of the power of their community. Liquichain is a community-based blockchain. Your communities, your circles, your clusters are your validators.

Blockchain has raised environmental concerns.

The energy consumption is huge and may cause increased carbon emissions and climate change. This causes other technological issues: blockchain is slow and transfers little.

Liquichain is a blockchain whose nodes form a graph of trust and proximity. It is designed to run smart contracts in a fast, secured, and low energy consumption way, allowing to implement crypto currency, mobile micropayment, voting systems, file sharing, business processes and more.

By redesigning the trust path among peers (Proof of Peers), Liquichain has both cracked the environmental issue and provided an agile community tool.

about us

A blockchain based on communities.

Blockchain is based on trust. Six degrees of separation is the idea that all people on average are six social connections away from each other.

Since we are social animals, communities are everywhere. Families, schools, social networks, sports clubs, affinity groups, churches, coffeehouses, even companies are communities. And all these communities are places where blockchain can be deployed positively, with confidence.

Why do we need to be validated by a vast number of miners or stackers if a set of trust path is created with trustful peers?

Six degrees by six degrees, everybody can be included and validated in the blockchain, with far less energy consumption.


A new model: Proof of Peers.


Accounts are associated to profiles that are validated by peers. When a transaction is to be performed between two nodes, a set of trust paths are created and the transaction is signed along the paths, avoiding involvement of majority of nodes and delay of block forging. Due to the very fast and low consumption of smart contract engine each node in the system is active (no such thing as difference between miners and clients).

A network for everyone, every community.

  • speed


    By redesigning trust path among peers, replicating states only in a small number of nodes and allowing partial storage of these states, we allow smart contracts to be executed much faster

  • no cost

    no cost transaction

    Each user is a potential green “miner of resources” and can decide the mining fees for the usage of his resources. In most communities, it will be zero gas fee.

  • smart contracts

    extended smart contracts

    We propose an extended notion of smart contract including not only the code executed in the blockchain but also the screens and business logic executed in the users' applications.

  • Forkless


    Liquichain may be upgraded without requiring hard forks to add new features or resolve bugs.

  • user experience

    user experience

    Our wallet can be enhanced with unlimited DApps and mobile user-friendly key features like a unique secure backup of private keys.

  • Proven security

    Proven security

    Our founders have a strong experience in cybersecurity in strategic industries

  • Interoperability


    We want to facilitate the arrival of users from other popular chains thanks to multiple bridges

  • profile self-management

    profile self-management

    Users can manage different accounts with different level of KYC (from full anonymity to more ID info), depending on the apps they use in the network, what they share (a membership card for instance) and with whom.

  • Low energy

    Low energy

    Liquichain allows to store much larger amounts of information on nodes with much more limited storage capacities than servers (e.g. a smartphone).

User friendly key features.

Liquichain relies on an open source and low code platform that can develop and execute back and front applications. It allows to quickly create and iterate prototypes, and to improve the apps, like file sharing, smart chat, voting, marketplace, group buying, etc. Therefore, Liquichain can be a plug and play solution for all communities willing to interact with their members through the blockchain, in an interoperable way with other blockchain networks.

Liquichain is an EVM-based sidechain. This implies that smart contracts built for mainnet Ethereum will function on Liquichain with few, if any, adjustments

We encourage you to submit DApps and features. We will be happy to support you in the development of the project.

Take the journey with us.

As an open source project, we are built by decentralized team of contributors from all over the world. Do you want to join the community? There's something for everybody. Contact us!


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